QuestHelper2 Data Collection

Want to help out with QuestHelper 2? Of course you do, I'd have to accuse you of being freeloading murloc otherwise, and nobody wants that. So, here's what you do:

  1. Install QuestHelper2, and use it for a while.
  2. Exclaim 'Holy crap, this thing is terrible!', and toss it into the digital shredder.
  3. Exact your revenge on its author by submitting your collected data, creating more work for him and wasting valuable time he could have spent trying to attract a potential mate. That'll show him!

Submit Your Data

You can't submit data at this time. Sorry.

First, if you play on private servers, don't bother submitting your data. Unless you want to try to corrupt my database, then go for it. But I won't be very happy about it at all, and may be tempted to question your value as human being. If by some chance you're not human, and you submitted garbage data, then feel free to take the accusation of being human as an insult; otherwise the message wasn't directed toward you and I bear no ill will toward you or your species, at least not for any of the reasons stated above. I however reserve the right to bear ill will for other reasons, including but not limited to attempting to feast upon my delicious organs.

Find this file: <WOW_INSTALL_DIR>/WTF/Account/<ACCOUNT_NAME>/SavedVariables/QuestHelper2_Collection.lua

Submit it:


QuestHelper2 will never include software to automate the submission of collected data, largely so that any claims that my AddOn contains a keylogger or some such nonsense can easilly be dismissed.

That doesn't however mean you lazy computer literate types are out of luck. cUrl is a free program that is available for every operating system that can upload files via HTTP forms. The command to upload a file to this form is:

curl -F collected_data=@<WOW_INSTALL_DIR>/WTF/Account/<ACCOUNT_NAME>/SavedVariables/QuestHelper2_Collection.lua

You can then combine this with cron on Mac and Linux or Scheduled Tasks on Windows to execute that command weekly; and I recommend you pick some random time so that everyone isn't trying to upload at the same time.