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  1. Introduction
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PolyPaint is a multi-user art program, the latest version of which is 0.9. It has nothing to do with ZBrush or polygons. It is entirely pixel based software rendered painty goodness. The poly simply means 'many', as it can be used my multiple people at the same time. On a good day, anyway.

To see some art created with this program, look here or here.


First Time

The first time you run PolyPaint you'll be asked to enter some information:


While the client is expecting data from the server, an indicator will appear at the top of the screen.

You really shouldn't draw while it's going, because if there are still things to draw from other users, your client will have to keep erasing and redrawing what you've drawn in order to keep the image consistant with everyone else. This is especially true when you first start, as you might end up destroying somebody elses work, which hasn't been loaded for you yet.


You draw using the mouse. Hold the left mouse button, move the mouse around, and release the left mouse button.

If you make a mistake and you want to change it BEFORE you have released the left mouse button, press the right mouse button to cancel your line.

This program has no undo function. Once you draw something, it's stuck there until it gets drawn over.

You can easily draw lines by holding the shift key while drawing. You can release the shift key and press it again while drawing to create a smooth curve.

If you right click on the image, you can select a colour from the image. PolyPaint will choose a nearby colour that is close to the average under your cursor.


Pressing the tab key will bring you to the tools menu. You can press tab or escape to leave this menu.

Chat Commands

Tips and Tricks:

If you press the alt key, you can see the names of all the users and what they've drawn.

User names are used with some of the commands you can enter in the chat box, /kick for example.

If you want to clear the current image, you can use the restart command. Enter /restart into the chat box.

You can quickly get to the chat menu by pressing '/' or '~'.


Bleeding Edge

Win32 Client: [7z] [tar+bzip2] [tar+gzip] [zip]

The client is the result of my cross-compiling efforts. It didn't seem to work properly in Wine, but I'm hoping that's Wine's fault.

Source: [7z] [tar+bzip2] [tar+gzip] [zip]

Git repository: git://smart-idiot.no-ip.com/PolyPaint.git [ChangeLog]

The Original Client From Way Back When:

Win32 Client: client.zip

Allegro 4.0 DLL: alleg40.zip


Requires the following libraries:

Assuming you have the above libraries installed, Linux users should hopefully just need to type make for the debug version, or DEBUGGING=NO make. I don't have any of those wonderful automake scripts.

Windows users, I've only ever compiled it with MinGW. If you have msys, you can try BERKSOCK=NO make, maybe you'll get lucky.

If you're using something else, you're on your own, best of luck to you.

Where are we going with this?

Don't know. I think later I might try porting the drawing code to render to OpenGL textures, and maybe try running it in xscreensaver.

After that, who knows? The UI really needs to be rewritten. I don't like the current GUI, there is some alternate gui code that I started but it isn't used for anything. It eventually got replaced by Grape, but I never finished that either. I'm really good at not finishing projects. I'm sure many of you can relate.

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